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    ***Franky Pons was born and bred in Holland, but has a strong Mallorcan background. After he had been living the biggest part of his life in Rotterdam it came to him in a esoteric manner that he had the choice to follow an education in the form of becoming a Reiki Master, followed by the Essenian Mastership and Essenian Healing Journey Healer on the island of Mallorca.

    He is qualified Bachelor of Economy International Business & Languages at the University of Applied Science in Rotterdam. He studied partly in Spain and is a qualified 4 language translater (Dutch, English, Spanish and German.)

    Franky Pons After the boyhood search for a deeper meaning of life he found out that this was not the only way to fulfill his life's journey. For the first time, through his childhood friend Tim van der Meer he got introduced to Energetic work: After a course of Quantum-Touch he was initiated in Reiki 1 and Reiki 2. At the same time it became clear to him that his drive to travel really had a significant reason as the Godly World had let him know. This became really clear when Christopher Columbus was shown to him as one of his spiritual Guides for this life. A start was made with years of training to obtain a pure Guide communication.

    Then, after a communication through channelling by Henk Mulder with Master Mikao Usui, via his Reiki Master Lisa Lux, he was invited to take the course of becoming a Reiki Master and the possibility to become the first initiated Essenian Master in this time on earth. After taking these choices he started walking his chosen spiritual path. Immediately this resolved into a two road junction whereby spiritually and on society level a lot of steps forward were made. The main issue was first of all to accomplish the Essenian Master training, which was an energetically very though education, because besides teachings and the undeniable realizations one also has to practice the Essenian Healings on a great number of people in direct communication with Master Confucius. After this, the education of Essenian Healing Journey Healer started also. This was a training that consisted of a lot of practice with these Healing Journeys and stone laying in a geometrical way before one obtains a diploma. During all this spiritual progress that was made, he also worked in the touristic field within different disciplines at companies such as Iberostar Hotels and Thomas Cook Travel. The eventual goal of these spiritual developments and the experience in the tourist section was to impart spiritual workshops and special journeys to Yucatan, Mexico, with a spiritual goal.

    After Henk Mulder channeled with Jesus and Mary Magdalene via Lisa Lux, it was made clear that this was definitely the important next step to be taken to become a teacher of the Essenian Healings and spread these teachings as a channel for Mother/Father God at this time of 5th dimensional transformation on earth.

    Look for his credentials as an Essenian Master at:Assistants, Healers & Masters at the Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing

    Master at Maya Cultural Center Lol Be

    As from july 2014, he is active as Essenian Master and Reiki Master at Lol Be, part of the municipilaty of Xocchel, Yucatan, Mexico. Have a look at its website: Masters at Lol Be