• Experience the spiritual side of Mexico with Vutekaan Travel´s esoteric journeys. This itinerary is uniquely based on the Sacred geometrical form known as The Golden Mean. The various Mayan sanctuaries we will visit along the way are interconnected through their specific locations.

    Each one of these locations is related to a chakra. By following this route our energetic bodies, which include our chakras, and our physical body will be purified. Therefore, this will be the perfect starting place for the post-Transformation cycle.

    If you decide to bring your friends and/or relatives with you, a special discount rate will apply. Group prices can also be discussed.

    Because the Transformation took place much more harmoniously than expected, part of the Mayan prophecies did not come true. Also because Mother/Father God has given everyone a part of their Karma as a bonus, which will be starting off increasingly in the timeframe up to around 2022. This means that every person`s personal Maya Tone and Seal, known as your galactic signature, will start changing: They will be shifting forward 7 places. Everbody will be noticing this change around 2022. Read more about this by clicking on ´2012´.

    Vutekaan Travel: Spiritual Workshop Journeys to Mexico

    Welcome to Vutekaan Travel! If you have always harboured a strong desire to go on a spiritual and meaningful journey, visiting various important sites of the Mexican ¨Mayan World¨ along the way, then you have been guided to the right place.

    Learn the Essenian Arts of Healing during a 2 day workshop that will take place in an exquisite jungle-garden setting close to an authentic Mayan village. Learn how to put the Mayan calendar into practice in your day-to-day life and follow in the footsteps of the Ancient Atlanteans along the trail of The Golden Mean.

    The exceptional setting of these esoteric journeys is the Yucatan peninsula, which is bordered on either side by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The famous temples of the Ancient Mayans are found in beautiful natural settings or alternatively are magnificently located with views across a splendid turquoise sea. Cast your mind to the holy sites of Tulum, Chichen Itza (the 8th Wonder of the World) or the mysterious Palenque.

    By visiting colonial cities such as Campeche, you will obtain a better understanding of the recent history of these surroundings. Moreover, this will be put into a different perspective by an alternative, more cosmic history which will be thoroughly discussed throughout the duration of the trip. A version of history that has not been manipulated by those in power and which brings us closer to our own origins.

    Further to this and more importantly, the core focus of the journey will be centered around the Essenian Healings Workshop, during which the holy knowledge of the Essenian Arts of Healing, that have recently been put back onto earth for the new fifth dimensional phase, will be conveyed to you. In this 2 day workshop we will teach you the 3 different healings that constitute the first level and the knowledge of how to use them correctly and that you function as a channel that is aware that energy is passed through you. You will additionally receive a set of 16 stones (e.g. Lapis Lazuli and Amethist). You will also be taught the Essenian ways of cleaning and charging up the stones and upon completion will receive the Essenian Assistant Healer´s diploma. To put these newly learnt skills directly into practice, we will endeavour to offer these healings to the local population.

    Read more on this website to learn about the Essenian Healings and their importance in the context of our time, the modules pertaining to the Mayan Calendar and the Origins of Mankind. You will also find background information and explanations of the so called Golden Mean and its route, a detailed description of our daily program including a visual impression of the environment and accommodation. Should you have any more questions, you can find the answers in our F.A.Q. area or make an enquiry via our contact page.

    So, let's hope we will meet soon!

    Guided by whom?

    Guidance and teachings throughout Mexico trips shall be performed by Franky Pons. The path in life he has walked until now has led to him becoming fully trained as a Reiki Master, Essenian Master and Essenian Healing Journey Healer, and has also enabled him to obtain a great deal of experience in the tourism sector. Read more about his background here: ´Your Guide.’