• Journey based on the Sacred Geometrical form called the Golden Mean


    Next journey takes place from 10 to 26 of November 2014.
    Other possibilities are:
    From 15 to 30 December 2014
    From 14 to 29 March 2015
    From 17 September to 2 October 2015

    Should the case be that none of the aforementioned dates suit you, then let us know your preferences.

    The journey's rhythm

    We will dedicate some time each day to the solar seal and tone of creation that determines a day’s energetic characteristics. The cycle of 13 days, called Wavespell, is also discussed. By doing so, you will learn how to actually experience the Mayan Calendar on a day to day basis, through which you will be able to feel or sense its effects.

    By visiting the temples that are part of our program, our ethereal bodies, chakra’s and thus our physical body are purified. The energy of each site rinses impurities within us with precision and because of which the order of our itinerary cannot be modified. We’ve underlined these sites in the journey’s program below.

    Nonetheless, because of its adventurous character in combination with local circumstances, it could be possible that certain adjustments shall be made within the above mentioned limitations. Nothing to worry about though…

    To take away the daily efforts to nourish oneself, we’ve included both breakfast, lunch and dinner. We do strongly advise to avoid the consumption of alcohol, meat, fish, and other toxines during the trip. For this reason all included meals are lacto-vegetarian based (cheese, eggs, milk and butter are no problem) and the included drink is non-alcoholic. These meals are fixed and exceptions can only be made when stated before our journey starts.

    It is a full program, but you will time for yourself as well. Read more about this below.

    Day-to-day program

    We happily provide you with a small map containing the exact locations that we will pass by and visit in the following program:

    DAY 1

    • Arrival at Cancún Airport and transport to cosy and laid-back Bed & Breakfast.
    • Depending on the time of arrival: Tea/coffee and biscuits. Time to relax. Abigail, friendly lady of the house will prepare us a delicious vegetarian meal.
    • Rest of the day off.

    DAY 2

    • We will commence the day with an early breakfast, a word of welcome and an introduction.
    • With a private touring car we will head for Santa Elene, an authentic Mayan village with temple sites of the well-known Puuc-route nearby. Halfway lunch is enjoyed and after having arrived and gotten comfortable in the tranquil garden with bungalows, a joined dinner is enjoyed.
    • Free-time the rest of the evening
    All fellow travellers that have flown in to Mérida Airport are picked up and will accompany us.

    DAY 3

    • The day starts with breakfast under the (generally) clear Yucatecan sky.
    • First temple visit! Labná. We'll be doing a meditation to connect ourselves with Mother Earth, which is very important to later optimally process all your spiritual experiences.
    • Then Kabah.
    • Vegetarian lunch in restaurant with a large array of typical Yucatecan dishes. This is where we will dine the days to come.
    • The rest of the day you can decide for yourself what to do.

    DAY 4

    • First day of the level 1 workshop Essenian Healings. This will be an intensive day full of knowledge, utterly dedicated to these 5th dimensional healings and all techniques attached to it. See also the section ¨Essenian Workshop Level 1¨.
    • Evening off...

    DAY 5

    • Second day of the Essenian workshop. After this day you will be able to perform the Essenian Healings with precision and the right intention.
    • In case of having finished succesfully, the diploma's are handed over to you as well; as a reward for your hard work and as accreditation for being a Essenian Assistant-Healer, which are very necessary at this moment on earth.
    • Then we will end the day with a nice meal in the open air.

    DAY 6

    • Today we'll spend some time on the road again. First to pay a visit to the monastery where nearly all Mayan codices were burnt by the Spanish conquistadors…
    • After lunch we will resume our trip towards Valladolid, a beautiful colonial city founded in 1543 and also called ´The Sultan of the East´.

    DAY 7

    • Visit to Chichen Itzá; the 8th wonder of the world and counts as a great example for the impressive Mayan architecture and astronomical knowledge. Center of the Golden Mean route and corresponds with the heart chakra.
    • Once we are well rested after this extensive and intense visit, we will return to Valladolid, where you'll have time available for leisure; wander around in this amiable city, maybe get some souvenirs or even mingle with the locals at the pleasant park at the heart of the city.

    DAY 8

    • After an early start in a colourful garden our next visit will be to two nearby cenotes or sinkholes. These underground lakes were considered sacred by the ancient Maya and gives food for thought about all the beauty, such as minerals, that lie underneath the Yucatecan soil.
    • Our private bus then takes us to Tulum, where its majestic looking temples are situated at the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Then we will receive a warm welcome by Joshua or a member of his staff at their harmonious accommodation with communal zen garden.
    • Pass the rest of your day as you like.

    DAY 9

    • Module about the famous Mayan calendar. This will take a big part of the day and brings you closer to comprehension of the greatness of the Maya inheritance.
    • Afterwards you could possibly take a dive into the sea and relax at the beach.

    DAY 10

    • Today we will go into the direction of Chetumal to visit the recently renovated Museo de la Cultura Maya, which gives a very realistic impression of the various Maya realms, communities and beliefs.
    • After lunch we will travel to a natural family hotel, which boasts with a unique roof of palm leafs and where our hostess Magdalena will serve us a delicious vegetarian typically Yucatecan dish.
    • To conclude this large day the module ¨Origins of Mankind¨ takes place.

    DAY 11

    • Continuin the Golden Mean route we'll head for the temples of Kohunlich, which name is a Mayanisation of the English ¨Cahoon Ridge¨, in the jungle nearby the border with Belize.
    • The rest of the day will be spent travelling to Palenque.
    • Free time during the evening.

    DAY 12

    • Today we will visit the vast temple site of Palenque, which is famous for its Temple of Inscriptions and the final resting-place of Pacal Votan. The accompanying small museum is worth a short visit as well.
    • • Afterwards there will be time to slightly go over the Essenian Healings once more. Alternatively and if wished for, we can dedicated some more time discussing the modules of the Mayan Calendar and the Origins of Mankind.
    • The evening off.

    DAY 13

    • Departure for Campeche, a beautifully renovated citadel, whose formidable location during the colonization of Yucatan, made her an attractive target amongst English, French, Portugues and Dutch pirates. Here, a detailed history is told which is filled with esoterical knowledge and a personal tale of Karma, its effects and its redemption.
    • After a shared dinner, you’ll have some more time to go for a stroll in this awkward though impressive city.

    DAY 14

    • After a good night sleep we will be heading for the seventh and final sanctuary of the Golden Mean route: Uxmal. This sacred site corresponds with our spiritual chakra and we will conclude this visit with and extensive guided meditation that addresses the 13 chakras.
    • We will resume our journeys to Mérida, cultural capital of Yucatan, where we will spend the night in its historical city center.

    DAY 15

    • • In the morning you’ll have some time off to relax or to wander around in this former colonial capital of Yucatan.
    Fellow travallers who will depart from Mérida Airport are taken there by our private bus. Have a safe journey home ;)
    • When all is set and done, the rest of the group will be going to Cancún.

    DAY 16

    • With a package of beautiful experiences and with plenty of heart’s and head’s work ahead you are taken to Cancún Airport. Wait shortly on your airplane and soon you’re on your way home..


    In the below stated prices your flight is not included. Booking the flight is up to you, but if requested we sure can give you some advise though.

    • Arrival and departure Cancún Airport €2795/$3795 USD/£2225
    • Arrival and departure Mérida Airport €2695/$3695 USD/£2150

    Individual journey

    If you have the feeling that at this moment in your life it would be best for you to take this trip individually where you would have the guide’s full attention and where you will be spiritually educated one on one, the following prices apply:

    • Arrival and departure Cancún Airport €3325/$4525 USD/£2650
    • Arrival and departure Mérida Airport €3225/$4395 USD/£2575

    Optional program

    There is a very interesting optional program that can be read in detail at the section Optional Healings & Initiations. This extended journey is enriched with the following (as from day 15):

    DAY 15

    • In the morning you’ll have some time off to relax or to wander around in this former colonial capital of Yucatan.
    • Today we will undertake the journey back to Tulum.
    • After dinner we’ll explain all details about the days to come.

    DAY 16

    • Optional Reiki Initiation / Essenian Healing / Essenian Healing Journey / practicing real Essenian Healings on one another.
    • And/or: A day to (entirely/partially) relax.

    DAG 17

    • Optional Reiki Initiation / Essenian Healing / Essenian Healing Journey / practicing real Essenian Healings on one another.
    • And/or: A day to (entirely/partially) relax.

    DAY 18

    • Transfer to Cancún Airport

    Price of the extended journey

    The prices below do not have your flight nor the extra healing activities included.

    • Arrival and departure Cancún Airport €2925/$3975 USD/£2325
    • Arrival and departure Mérida Airport €2825/$3875 USD/£2250

    A short summary of advantages

    This spiritual workshop journey organized by Vutekaan Travel stands out because of the following:

    - A complete two day workshop of the first level Essenian Healings with a diploma and package of 16 stones;
    - Practice the healing with the local community, giving them a chance to get to know these methods of healing;
    - A practical module with basic knowledge of the Mayan calendar;
    - A module about the Origins of Mankind;
    - Extensive 13 chakra meditation;
    - Esoteric background information with each temple visit.


    - Every night you'll spend in a private room (so no dormitories) together with 1 or in some cases 2 of your fellow travelers of the same gender;
    - Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each meal goes with 1 non-alcoholic drink;
    - Daily guide service, also during temple visits;
    - All transfers with a private bus, so no detours and unnecessary stops;
    - All entrance tickets.