• Praktical information

    For the workshop

    Bring white or pastel coloured clothing without any patterns or prints. White optimally removes negative energy that comes loose whilst working with the Essenian Healings. To support the general energy flow it is better to be wearing comfortable clothes. Do not wear leather belts, jewelry (except gold, silver or pearls), but absolutely nothing with stones. Consider bringing a small blanket to keep your feet warm, as they might get cold because of the energy.

    The highly energetic work we are doing, the esoteric teachings and presence of Ley-lines* create a high energy making it easier for realizations to take place and intensifies the healings. To support this process it is advised to drink more water than usual, at least 2 liters on the workshop days. Alcohol and tobacco have a negative influence, so try to avoid them. Same goes for other substances that lower our energy, such as meat or fish. Limit also the consumption of coffee or tea with theine and avoid them completely on the day of the workshop.

    It is forbidden to smoke inside if the workshop is given in a house or other sort of room. During the breaks one can smoke outside. Mobile phones need to be shut off because of its radiation.

    * depends on the workshopīs location.

    Good to know:

    - Local currency is a Mexican peso. ATMīs can be found on many places, still you should always think ahead, since not every town has an ATM. The first ATM you will run into is at the airport. Most bank cards are accepted. Still we recommend you to ask your bank about paying in a foreign country.
    - You will not be needing a visa if you are from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, United States and Canada. However, since rules might change, always check with a governmental institution of your country if you will be needing one at current date. Nonetheless, everyone will have to fill in a Tourist Form (FMT), which you need to hand in stamped at your departure date.

    - In Mexico there is a subtropical climate.


    Donīt forget them!
    - passport.
    - Health insurance (card).
    - spectacles, lenses.
    - swimming trunk, bathing suit, etc.
    - writing block and a pen.
    - warm sweater and slippers (depending on the season)
    - solar cream