• Pleiadian Healings


    When the two complementary souls (twin souls), Henk Mulder and Lisa Lux, were reunited in this life, it became clear that a big task was attached to this. Henk is Clairvoyant on a very high level. When he goes into trance, he can communicate by means of channeling with Mother/Father God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Master Mikao Usui. Jesus and Master Mikao Usui asked Lisa to set up contact with the Dolphins, through a specially indicated meditation. After many months, Jesus defined the next step. He made clear that this was to complete a big task and to contact the Dolphins, as preparatory work for making contact with Pleiadian Healers. And so was asked by Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ complementary soul, to place the Pleiadian Healing Circle back on Earth again.

    1. What are PH?

    • PH are 5th dimensional healing techniques.
    • PH are healing techniques which can be considered as an addition to the conventional medicine practice.
    • PH were ancient healing practices, now being brought back to Earth.
    • PH are energetic healings, the people of the ‘Healing Circle’ are only channels of the Universal Energy.
    • Dolphins and Pleiadians also belong to this circle.

    2. The First Pleiadian Healing Circle revived at this moment on Earth

    In the spring of 2007, Mary Magdalene revealed, through communication with Henk, the worth and the know-how to Lisa. The potential members of the PH circle were addressed by Lisa. All agreed and with love and persistence the first PH program was completed. At first, all healings taking place, physical or mental, were executed on the people of the Healing Circle. Later on, external people, whose Karma had been completed, were also invited to heal the illness or problem they asked healing for. This was always asked in communication with Jesus or Mary Magdalene. Nobody in this circle is allowed to take this responsibility. Eight PH programmes have been completed. All members of the circle felt: “I have experienced this before”. Later on, more information was revealed to Henk, and it appeared that this PH circle is a revival of an Old-Egyptian circle, with more or less the same members.

    3. Background of PH

    The Pleiadian Energies exist on the Pleiades, a 5th dimension star cluster. Making contact with the Pleiadians is done by Lisa, through energetic communication with the Dolphins, who she contacts first. The energy sent to Earth by the Pleiadians has a very high resonance. Therefore, a group of people is needed with high level resonance (frequency), in order to hold the energy in its place. Lisa is the leader of this circle, because she communicates with the Dolphins and through these with the Pleiadians.

    Short diagram: Lisa > contact Dolphins > contact PL > output = healing energy of PL > focus of PL energy > patient

    Not every illness or problem may be healed. Sometimes this is part of karmic redemption. Way before every healing session the Clairvoyant, when in trance, asks Jesus or Mary Magdalene whether or not this particular illness (problem) may be healed for this person.

    4. Methods

    The PH circle consists of 6 to 7 people. Lisa and the Clairvoyant, Henk, are always present. At first, everybody is grounded, including the patients. Lisa takes her place at the far end of the therapy bed, where the patient’s feet are situated. The Clairvoyant takes his place at the other end, where the patient’s head is situated. The patients lie on their back. Nobody touches the patient while being treated. Then, through ancient Essenian visualization and breathing techniques, the resonance of the group is highly tuned-up, so that the members’ bodies won’t be damaged. The Clairvoyant, who has clear vision, can see when the energy is high enough for the therapy to start. Through the visualization, breathing techniques and toning (different voice sounds), the Pilar of Light brought by the Pleiadians is kept in it’s place. After 10 to 45 seconds, the Clairvoyant reveals in a firm way, through saying “stop”, that the therapy has ended. Then the after-care takes place, whereby the whole circle lay the hands on the patient. After the after-care, the patient stays on the therapy bed for 1 to 5 minutes, and then the patient can rise up. Often, because of “the high energy experience”, patients need to lie down for a ¼ of an hour. They can also be disorientated and emotional. The time that has been clocked is multiplied by 100 in order to calculate the recovery period. For example, if the therapy time is 30 seconds, the recovery period is 100 x 30 = 3000 seconds = 50 minutes.

    Full diagram: Circle tunes up group and individual resonance (= better concentration for Pilar of Light + protection of patient and self-protection) > Clairvoyant sees when energy is high enough > Lisa makes contact with the Dolphins and speaks out the wish of healing > Dolphins pass this on to the Pleiadians > therapy starts > circle visualizes, uses breathing techniques and toning until the Clairvoyant gives the stop signal (= end of therapy) > after-care > recovery phase.

    Note: Contact between Lisa, Dolphins and Pleiadians proceeds through the pineal gland (= corpus pineale) of Lisa. The pineal gland is a light receptor which transforms the energy to the 3D body of the patient by means of pronouncing the wish of healing.

    5. Statistics

    There have been a total of 57 individual treatments. For some illnesses or problems a patient had to undergo more than one treatment. Besides this, there have been people who were treated for more than one illness (problem).

    Treatment relation between physical and non-physical treatments is 54% to 46%.

    Completely healed = 64%
    Partially healed = 24%
    Not healed = 12%

    All patients have been confronted with the release of emotions, because of the high energy experience.

    6. Several reactions

    ‘After the therapy session, at night and the next day, Ina felt very bright. For at least a week, she had a painful pressure in her head and decided to stay home the whole week. She had emotional oscillations. She quit her job and the stomach-ache she had for months has disappeared. She feels harmonious again.’

    ‘After the therapy session, Ilonka said: “I have the idea as if everything is still shaking now”. Her whole body felt warm. Tim could see it was very busy around her body, many figures, and a lot was happening. After an energy-acceleration-technique (which was done with the colour red) the whole body had the red colour. Henk explained why it was so busy around her: according to him there were 3 chirurgical groups taking care of Ilonka. The first group took care of her head, because her happiness hormone (serotonin) was running out. This is where working with the red colour took place. The second group treated her back, this was a continuation of the prior treatments on her back. The third group took care of a viral infection. One group had to wait until the other group was done.’

    ‘When the group was doing the visualization and breathing techniques, Jos (an external patient) had the feeling as if she was lifted up, which she found to be marvellous. She thought: “We’re going to elevate”. Afterwards she felt soughing, took a rest on bed and after this on the couch. Furthermore she felt tired, but very peaceful.’

    7. Several treated clinical pictures

    - Thyroid gland function (1x too high, 1x too slow)
    - High blood pressure
    - Carcinoma in situ on large intestine polyp
    - Bacterial infections
    - Shoulder ligament inflammation
    - Heart valve insufficiency
    - Angina pectoris
    - Knee meniscus tear
    - PMDD (= premenstrual dysphoric disorder)
    - Phobia
    - Generalized fear syndrome
    - Obsessive syndrome
    - Stress syndrome
    - Hernia nucleus pulposi
    - Arthrosis

    André Slooter

    André Slooter (abilities: Claircognizance & Pain Flushing), who used to be part of this circle, is now living in Gambia with a special mission. With the help of Lisa’s beloved Reiki Masters Sait Sengore and André Slooter a Pleiadian Healing Circle was started up. Again a big Light has been lit in The Gambia West Africa. André’s e-mail address is: andreslooter@academy-of-the-13-essenian-arts-of-healing.org

    Grupo Gambia
    Read more about this proyect on his website:www.slooter.tk

    Pleiadian Healing Circle Holland

    The First Dutch Pleiadian Healing Circle of seven members (PH1) had been set up by Lisa through communication with Jesus and Mary Magdalene and was handed over by Lisa in those days.

    A new circle will be formed to be active on the level of NON-MORTAL DISEASES.

    Tim van der Meer - Tel: 0031-(0)624803751

    Pleiadian Healing Circle Mallorca

    Lisa had handed over the first Pleiadian Healing Circle because Jesus and Mary Magdalene had asked her back then to start up another circle together with Henk on Mallorca. Meanwhile this circle has also been carried over by Lisa and is still active on Mallorca on the level of NON-MORTAL DISEASES.

    Lisa’s e-mail address is :

    Pleiadian Healing Circle France

    It was now asked to start up a Pleiadian Healing Circle once again near Rocamadour, the Dordogne, France. Lisa will lead this circle that will be active on the level of all diseases, INCLUDING MORTAL DISEASES.

    Lisa Lux – Tel: 0033-(0)565371446 or 0033-(0)787578809


    PH is a healing technique, as an addition to the conventional medicine practice. The effectivity is great and undesirable effects have not been encountered so far. The practice of PH is limited by energetic natural laws.

    Anyone who would take the initiative to set up a Pleiadian Healing Circle, with exception of Lisa, acts against the wishes and warrants of Jesus (communicated on 22-4-2008 by Henk Mulder).


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