• Other Teaching Modules

    Meditation: Connecting yourself with Mother Earth

    During our visit to our first Maya-temple at Labná, a guided earth-meditation shall be performed. It's the perfect place to do this for various reasons: Firstly, the sacred site of Labná correspond with our base chakra, or root chakra, which determines your connection with the earth. Secondly, precisely here we find a gigantic tree, that seems to be growing here for this specific goal. Thirdly, it is very important to be strongly connected to the earth before starting any spiritual teachings, such as the Workshop in Essenian Healings Level 1.

    Module: Origins of Mankind

    In this module which takes place over various hours, we´ll delve deeper into an alternative history of which only a few people are aware. We´ll discuss who the Anunnaki were and the role they played in the development of life on earth over the past 200,000 years. From a scientific perspective, based on Sumerian clay tablets and the Old Testament, we will also receive answers on the role the church has played throughout the past 2,000 years and, more importantly, receive an insight into the widely discussed so called ´missing-link´ theory, which was discovered and defined by the British scientist Charles Darwin…

    Knowledge of ancient masters

    The Mayans already possessed knowledge regarding the development of our planet earth, for instance: “the Transformation” (read also section ´2012´) and from this they were able to ascertain as to how and where the energetic impulses causing this growth originated. Based on their knowledge and observations they created the Tzolkin, the most sacred calendar in a system of 17(!) different calendars. The Tzolkin shows us that every day has its own specific energy, being a small link in an immensely progressive development. As the same goes for years, the Mayans knew how to predict or verify future happenings and those in the distant past.

    We ourselves experience many cycles: The moon has its cycle of 28 days to move around earth, and earth itself completes its trajectory around the sun in 365 days. Our solar system follows a similar pattern and revolves around the sun at the centre of the galaxy in which it resides over a time period of 26,000 years! The significance of this is that every 26,000 years our planet completes a very important cycle. An interesting fact according to the Mayan calendars is that the last of these cycles of the 3rd Dimension was completed on the 21st of December 2012. A significant event that had been predicted by many nature-based populations, such as the Hopi Indians, Peruvian and other American Indians, the Incas, the Aztecs, Celts, Egyptians, Tibetans and Essenes.

    Module: The 13 Moon Calendar

    At the end of the last century a visionary named José Argüelles developed a contemporary version of the Mayan calendar, combining that of the Tzolkin of 260 days with that of the solar year divided into 13 months (or better put: “moons”) of 28 days. This 13 moon calendar helps us greatly in understanding the direction and objective of our lives and it helps and supports us with self-reflection and the interpretation of our daily lives.

    During this day long module, one will learn in clear terms the basics of this calendar. The objective is that, once these teachings are completed, one can put this knowledge into practice without losing oneself in complicated misunderstandings.

    Meditation: Cleaning the 13 chakra's

    Since entering a new period of development with different energetic laws cause changes in our body (read: bodies), it is essential to know more about funtions of the energy wheels inside of us: the Chakra's. These chakra's play an significant part in the energy distribution of our emotional, mental and physical body. In addition to the well-known 7 chakra's, new knowledge is conducted about the functions, position and colour of 6 additional chakra's. This is followed by an extensive meditation to clean all chakra's as far as possible.