• It is possible for everyone to choose and receive one of the following healings or initiations during the trip:

    Reiki Treatment

    Reiki is Universal Life Energy; it is the same infinite, creative, loving, Godly energy that gives us life. This energy is passed through someone initiated in Reiki to another by laying one’s hands on them, instigating the receivers’ body’s self-healing abilities so that it is possible for healing to take place. How this healing is expressed varies from person to person, but words often used to describe this sensation are: Relaxation, recognition, seeing colours, specific memories or emotions that can be released from within.

    A treatment of one hour costs €30.

    Essenian Healings

    There are 11 different Essenian Healings, each with their own function and effect, e.g. pain in the bones or joints, mental difficulties like stress or amnesia, organ and soft tissue pain, endocrine (or hormonal) disturbances, physical pain after having had an accident, disharmony, removing negative energy, the feeling of ´not being able to keep up with time´, chronic fatigue and various other complicated emotional or physical problems. The Essenian Healings are advanced Godly healing techniques that influence the S.O.E.F. (see also: Essenian Workshop Level 1), making it possible for healing to take place. In earthly time the healings do not take a long time, but have a very deep (after) effect.

    After an informative conversation, it will be clarified through channeling with the Godly Guides, which Essenian Healings would be best suited at that precise moment. There are cases where more than one healing is indicated. This is not mandatory. It could also be the case that one´s Karma does not permit healing to take place, in which case no Essenian Healing can be offered.

    The price of an Essenian Healing by an Initiated Essenian Master depends on whether the healing is level 1, 2 or 3 and is between €50 and €100.

    Essenian Healing Journey

    An Essenian Healing Journey is a metaphysical healing method that is meant to clear out unhealthy physical and psychological patterns that are stuck in the cells of our body. It is effective against all sorts of fears and problems that do not have an obvious cause, but a rather a deeper background, such as from prior lives, like: ´Whenever, I´m on the street I am afraid of non-provoked aggression´, ´I faint as soon as I see blood´, ´I have a constant inner feeling that I am imprisoned´ or ´I have a fear of heights and/or small spaces´.

    Essential to these Journeys are stones being laid in certain geometric patterns, specified healing wishes which are placed on a golden button and other esoteric knowledge, like the short encounter with one´s own Guide(s). The Essenian Healing Journeys are presented just like a fairytale to optimally address and stimulate the inner child. (source:Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing)

    Prices of an Essenian Healing Journey depend on what is indicated by the Guides:
    - For children from 2 to 16 years of age: Between €45 and €95
    - For young adults from 12 to 21 years of age: Between €60 and €125
    - For adults older than 21 years: Between €100 and €125
    - Ego Reconstruction: Between €100 and €150

    Optional Initiations

    Reiki 1 Initiation (Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho)

    A Reiki 1 Initiation takes 2 days. One is reconnected to the Reiki-flow, re-establishing and deepening your connection with the Divine Being (Mother/Father God, the Source, the Universe). Different guide’s meditations will be carried out and many esoteric subjects will be discussed. And, obviously, you will learn how to give a Reiki treatment to yourself and others. This knowledge of Reiki is being taught in line with that of Master Usui.

    The price is €95.

    Reiki 2 Initiation (Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho)

    An Initiation in Reiki 2 also takes 2 days and further to this other esoteric matters will be discussed. Your connection or bond with Reiki will be intensified and broadened, activating or enhancing your spiritual gifts and enhancing your energy levels. The Holy Reiki Symbols will be handed over and the correct way of using them taught.

    The price is €180.

    Essenian Guide Encounter

    With this beautiful Guide encounter you will meet your personal or healing Guide. You will learn by inner vision, feeling or knowing what his or her name is, how he/she presents him/herself to you and in what way a proper communication is started.

    The price is €95.