• Crystals of the stones

    The power of our thoughts is really based on two things: Attention and Intention. Our thoughts are long electromagnetic waves which we send out into space and through scientific apparatus can be registrated and made visible.

    Crystals, this has also been scientifically proved, can receive and send out energetic frequencies and even communicate through complicated waveforms of the electromagnetic field. Human thoughts, emotions and feelings are also part of this field...

    Therefore Stones with their different type of crystals (hidden for most people), are highly intelligent modulating stations!

    In the core (nucleus) of a crystal you will find an atom and its composition. The atom is dynamic and consists of fragments that constantly turn around its core. So when you look at the serene looking Stones, they have in fact a fizzing molecular mass, vibrating at a certain frequency. In that way they represent a micro-cosmos.

    Based on the knowledge as is taught Within the Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing, the Stones with their own sort of crystals are cleaned, tuned up and synchronised. Different types of stones are used to heal different illnesses and refer exactly to this knowledge.