• Lol Be & Hunbatz Men

    Another special characteristic of Vutekaan Travel’s journeys is a visit to the Mayan ceremonial center ¨Lol Be¨ and a meet and greet with Hunbatz Men, the principal authority on the field of traditional Mayan culture. He will be leading an actual ceremony to thank Mother/Father God (Hunab K’u), Mother Earth and the Mayan people, for having preserved and distributed the godly knowledge about cosmic cycles and time. Furthermore, he will be telling about his life, personal experiences, the extraordinary nature of the Mayan culture and its temples and more details about Lol Be.

    Lol Be

    Lol Be is the contemporary heart of the Mayan culture and its name means `Path of Flowers`, but refers at the same time to the omnipresence of consciousness, both in this dimension and higher ones. Lol Be’s objective is to to restore the Mayan civilization in all its aspects: mathematics, astronomy, science, as well as its rituals and ceremonies. – During a guided tour you will observe the beautiful structures present on these lavish grounds, such as `the Path of Initiation` and the observatory.

    Hunbatz Men

    Hunbatz Men is a well-known and respected Mayan ceremonial leader and platform speaker in both Latin-America as in the United States. In his childhood he was trained in the traditional Mayan knowledge and it was only after this that he went to university. He is the principal authority on the fields of history, philosophy, chronology and calendrical system of the Mayan civilization and wrote various books on these subjects. In 1995 he was chosen by the High Council of Mayan Elders of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras as their international representative and guardian of the traditional Maya culture. In addition to this, he is also Mexico’s representation in the World Council of Elders of Ancient Traditions and Cultures.

    Recommended books of his are:
    - Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion
    - The 8 calendars of the Maya

    Summary of our visit to Lol Be


    Encounter with Hunbatz Men

    Guided tour at Lol Be

    Ceremony of Gratitude

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