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    Feel the magic of these exceptional, spirituals surroundings, that were chosen by the ancient Mayans to create their Temples. – Why on these specific sights? – Get to know the mysterious motives and secret (read: esoteric) knowledge that led them in their decisions.

    Ancient history had set directions for many of the often cruel happenings that laid ahead. Even so, some Divine underflow had always been present, safeguarding the holy knowledge of our origins and reason for existence. Doing so, in despite of the great amount of unfortunately efficient, destructive actions of mainly the Catholic church and the conquistadores, once they had set foot in the New World.

    See and learn about the more recent past of the peninsula by visiting the first, important, European settlement (valued by UNESCO) and the monastery where the biggest part of the written knowledge of the Mayans went up in flames. A past that explicitly formed the fundaments of the world that we live in now and by getting acquainted with it, you may provide yourself with a different perspective on the way we have been living our lives since.

    Even here, it is de Mayan calendar that can summarize and explain all these historical aspect.


    The different Mayan sanctuaries together are located in a geometric pattern, each one carrying a specific kind of energy of a chakra.


    A selection of the carefully selected accommodations on beautiful places, providing all comforts you need in an culturally and naturally completely different environment. Because it´s nice to know beforehand where you´ll be staying and in what setting the workshop will take place.


    Santa Elena





    Landscape and cultural heritage

    From the Mexican jungle to coastal areas and from colonial tot pre-Columbian heritage, all is covered in our program.