• About Vutekaan Travel

    Vutekaan Travel is an organization, that was founded after such instructions were given by Mary Magdalene and Jesus through communication by means of channeling, by Henk Mulder and Lisa Lux. Its main goal is to disperse sacred healing techniques and esoterical knowledge to contribute to the transformation of Mother Earth and the transcending of its people from the 3rd to the 5th dimension.

    The Essenian Healings play, like Reiki and other healing techniques and knowledge about our origins, an important part in this process of changes. Our goal is to transmit this knowledge to anyone who has the urge to heal. Our workshops and other modules give a strong spiritual dimension to our itineraries and will bring about a rise in consciousness of its participants. This, combined with the imparted healing techniques, will be your tools with which you can do good for yourself, your loved ones and other people that need and ask for healing. All this will contribute to the development of the individual, of Mother Earth and All-That-Is.

    Origins of the name Vutekaan

    Franky explains: ¨Vutekaan was a fantasy land, created in my childhood by myself and my dearst friend Tim van der Meer. A considerable part of our lives, Vutekaan was our way to creatively process things that happened from day to day. This resulted in drawings, stories, conversations, made-up football competitions and movements that brought us much joy. Of course, with the years our interests and obligations changed, but we always kept a special place in our hearts for Vutekaan.

    Later, when we independently of one another really started walking our spiritual path that led us to becoming Reiki Master and Essenian Master, it became clear that the word ´vutekaan´ had a deeper meaning: After the huge task of having channeled all the different Essenian Healings, one of them received the name ´Vutecan Pain Healing´, as this was indicated by Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Both Tim as I were extra gifted in performing this healing. Vutecan turned out to signify the word healing in ancient Hebrew. So after all these years, our thought to be childhood invention in fact became our calling.

    An eye-catching detail is the name resemblance of Vutekaan with Yucatán; the Mexican peninsula and home of the ancient Mayan heritage where our journeys are taking place.

    I feel grateful and honored for the inner and outer possibilities that the period after 2012’s transformation offers us.”